FAB 5 Documentary Sunday Night

Tomorrow night after the NCAA Tournament Bracket show, ESPN will be running a special documentary on the Fab 5. If you don’t know the story; in 1991 the Michigan Basketball program landed the top 5 recruits out of high school: Jimmy King, Juwan Howard, Ray Jackson, Jalen Rose, and Chris Webber. The next season these 5 freshman revolutionized the world of college basketball with their black socks, baggy pants, and fiery play. After two straight runs to the NCAA Finals and two losses the team started to fall apart. You might remember Chris Webber’s dreaded time out with no time outs left.

In 1993 Chris Webber had enough of the college game so he entered the NBA draft. The other four stayed on and after a less then stellar year Juwan Howard and Jalen Rose decided to take their talents to the NBA as well. The Fab 5 was officially done and then came the allegations and sanctions. Prosecutors say that during the 92-93 season several players received benefits totaling over $600K. Michigan self imposed their own sanctions and took down the final four banners from 92 & 93, and the program has suffered ever since.

Jalen Rose was a producer and key factor in making this documentary. Jimmy King, Juwan Howard, and Ray Jackson will all be featured giving interviews through out the film. Chris Webber the most controversial player in the fall of the Fab 5, declined to be featured in the film and has yet to ever speak about the allegations lingering from his days in Ann Arbor. Rose said the film “Is like the bible of the Fab 5 story… At this point in Chris’ life, he’s not ready to talk about what happened at that time. It’s still a sore spot for him…The story will still be documented and it will be told in a truthful manner.”

ESPN has been producing great films with their “30 for 30” series. This film should be awesome, as many fans have always wondered what really went on with the Fab 5.

Tune it at 6:00 P.M (Pac Time) Sunday Night. 

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